March Holidays!

…. Or maybe not. Well, I survived Term 1 here in Singapore, and it’s the holidays now. However, holidays doesn’t seem like holidays for my school, or maybe all Singaporeans. Teachers bombard you with loads of holiday homework, you have CCA camps or trainings to attend, and for my case, I still have 3 hours of English Proficiency Course to attend every single day. So I guess it’s not really holidays after all. Many of my classmates are saying that they’d prefer school days (the amount of homework is more bearable during normal school days), but for me, I’d rather have holidays. Holidays = No SDLS = Free time at night!

Since the ASEAN Scholarship is still open for application (apply here!), Secondary 1 and 3 applicants please take note that most of the boarding schools have Self-Directed Learning Sessions (SDLS) aka study time at night. Well, for some scholars, it’s really helpful because it’s really hard to concentrate and study when have roommates! But for my case, I’d argue that it’s more conducive for me to study in my room because I’m staying alone.


Side track a little: Dear applicants (you might want to take note), most of us think that we must submit a really impressive list of CCAs (co-curricular activities. very often used in Singapore) and achievements, right??? Well, that was what I used to think, but worry not if you don’t have much to write down. 😀 I know a fellow Malaysian scholar who managed to be short listed even without much CCA involvements. 🙂 It would be good to write down as many as possible, but I think the MOE focuses more on your academic results.

Anyways, term 1 had been hectic, as well as fun. Right after the Common Tests, my school organized a trip to Bintan, Indonesia. I got to know my classmates better, and we had lots of fun. It was a great experience, from prank calling each other, cheering for my classmates as they climbed up the coconut trees, learning all the different cheers and claps, to watching fire works at a very VERY close distance. We also went to a local orphanage and helped them paint their main room. The kids there weren’t as fortunate as us, but they were contented and happy. Although they didn’t have much, they didn’t ask or demand for more. We brought some gifts for the children and when we were giving them out, all of them just sat still and waited for us to give them. They weren’t picky at all, and accepted everything happily, no matter what the gifts are.

This is one of the things I like about studying in Singapore. Yes, it is tough, but we don’t just learn things from the text books. Teachers do emphasize a lot on academics, but there are also many workshops or talks on other stuff. I enjoyed the last assembly we had. There was a talk on filming and another of graphic designing. Although it was just a short talk, I thought it was really fun and cool. We were taught the secrets of making horror films (yes, it was really fun), basic filming techniques, designing concepts. It’s something I’ve never got to experience back in Malaysia. 🙂

Well, a few more days till term 2 starts, and I honestly can’t wait for the June holidays and go home. I’m hoping term 2 goes as well as term 1, maybe better. I’m so looking forward to seeing my parents this weekend. 3 more days till I see them. 3. THREE!